Whatever fence you need, we have you covered. Call us about Pool Fencing, Garden Fencing, Rural & Chainwire Fencing, Tubular Fencing or Country Post & Rail Fences.

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We can install Electronic Fences & Gates, Custom Gates,Sliding Gates, Picket Fences & gates and Mesh Fences & Gates.

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Specialist in welding, we can offer you the best price and quility in Fabricating, Fitting, Welding, Steel repair and Pipe works.

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Fencing & Gates Hamilton NZ

If you are looking for fencing or gates for your home or business, including automatic gates, and you are in Hamilton, we can help at Fencing and Gate. We are a leading fencing and gate contractor with expertise and experience installing any type of fence or gate.

Our fencing solutions include:

  • Pool fences in a range of styles to suit your budget and preferences
  • Garden fences to create a border around your property, enhance security, and provide privacy
  • Tubular fencing
  • Picket fencing
  • Mesh fencing
  • Slat aluminium fencing
  • Louvre aluminium fencing
  • Tongue and groove fencing
  • Other styles of wooden fences
  • Other styles of steel and metal fences
  • Column fences

We also install gates, including custom-made gates, for all the fence types above. Depending on your requirements, the options available include:

  • automatic gates
  • Sliding gates if you don’t want the gate to swing when opening
  • Swing gates
  • Bi-fold swing gates
  • Cantilever gate
  • Commercial and residential security gate

At Fencing and Gate, we’ll ensure you get a fencing and/or gate solution that meets your requirements. We have experienced welders and carpenters on our team who will customise all aspects of your solution, plus we use industry best practice standards to ensure the highest quality installation.

The gates and fences we install are durable, and our gates operate smoothly even after several years of use.

We also offer other services related to welding, including the installation of balustrades and handrails on decking, steps, and stairs.

To find out more about the services we provide and the fence and gate solutions that are available, and to get a free, no-obligation quote for your fencing or gate requirements, please call us on 02040937369.

Experts in Welding Services in Hamilton NZ

In addition to specialising in the provision of fencing and gate solutions to residential and commercial customers in Hamilton, we also provide custom welding services. When you hire us for your welding requirements, you will benefit from the same standards of quality we deliver when fabricating and customising fences and gates.

Our welding expertise includes TIG, MIG, and arc welding. The welding services that we offer in Hamilton include:

  • Fencing and gate repairs
  • Stainless steel, aluminium, and sheet metal fabrication
  • Fitting
  • Steel repairs
  • Pipe works
  • Mobile welding throughout the Hamilton area

Whatever custom welding project you need help with, large or small, contact us at Fencing and Gate today.

Contact Us for Fences and Gates in Hamilton New Zealand

Here is what you can expect when you contact us to provide you with a fencing and/or gate solution for your home or business:

  • Wide range of options to choose from
  • Expert advice to help you select the right option for your budget and requirements
  • Expertise installing all types of fence and gate including security fences, privacy fences, and fences that also have an aesthetic purpose
  • High-quality workmanship and attention to detail
  • Excellent customer service by our professional and reliable team
  • Competitive prices

To get a quote for the fence or gate solution that you need, please call us on 02040937369.